March 20, 2018
The Future College Golf Association offers extensive guidance designed to mentor junior golfers and their families through the junior golf and college recruiting process. FCGA's College Scholarship Program offers junior golfers and their family advice on issues such as tournament scheduling, college golf and academics, and recruiting regulations. In the College Scholarship Program, FCGA spends time helping the golfer plan an optimum tournament schedule for maximum exposure to college coaches.

The program encourages the golfer to set realistic golf and college goals, and helps them plan a practice and tournament schedule that fits those goals. FCGA interacts with the golfer and his/her family to target colleges that fit him/her academically, socially and for golf.

Next, FCGA selects a list of target schools based on academic, athletic, social, and financial considerations. FCGA also counsels the golfer throughout the entire recruiting process.

Finally, FCGA implements a comprehensive marketing plan. This marketing plan includes a professionally formulated resume, cover letter, and golf summary mailed directly to the golf coaches followed by, telephone calls, emails, resume updates, and finally personal visits to campuses all orchestrated by FCGA.

  • FCGA interacts with the golfer, his/her parents, coaches, golf professionals, and mentors to determine the type and size of school that best fits his/her athletic, academic and social, and financial needs.
  • FCGA, together with the student-athlete, targets schools that match the student-athletes abilities and desires.
  • FCGA also provides the golfer with a detailed method of keeping golf statistics that will aid college coaches in finding quality student-athletes, and assist the student-athlete with his/her practice.
  • FCGA provides the student-athlete and his/her family with academic and athletic counseling. This counseling includes assisting the student-athlete with composing cover letters, making phone calls and building personal relationship with coaches. It also includes advice on college visits, recruiting rules, and academic issues.
  • FCGA has developed personal relationships with college coaches and assists the player and his/her family in forming relationships with coaches as well. FCGA helps the student-athlete personally communicate with schools and golf programs that fit him/her academically and for golf.
  • FCGA maintains a record of the player's results, updating the coaches as needed.

Price: $175.00 per hour
(Packages and fees are customized to meet junior golfers and family's needs - fees can vary)

Website Option: For an additional $300.00, FCGA will produce and maintain a personal website for Coaches to view on-line.

"FCGA was extremely helpful to our family as we worked our way through the golf/college search maze. FCGA opened our eyes to schools which never would have made it onto our radar screen otherwise, and opened many doors to coaches that we could have never opened ourselves. When Michael went through a “phase” of not communicating with us about college possibilities and the search process, FCGA was invaluable to him (and to us). In fact, it is because of FCGA that Michael considered Indiana University, and it is also because Molly's professional relationship with the IU coach that Michael’s dream of playing in the Big 10 is now a reality. "

Tom & Jill McGee
Kansas City, Missouri

"I don’t know how we would have made it thru the college search process without FCGA and Molly Hudgins. It wasn’t just about the right school for golf for our son, Zack, it was also about academics. That is what impressed us the most about Molly. It was finding the right balance. Molly was there every step of the way helping guiding our son, Zack, and our family thru the maze facing us. She became more than a consultant; she became a friend and sometimes a psychologist! Zack developed a special bond with Molly. There were countless emails and phone calls to Molly when we or Zack had questions or needed guidance. Molly was always extremely responsive and regardless of how busy she was, phone calls and emails were always timely returned. We were very fortunate to have Molly by our side the last two years. Thank you FCGA and a special thanks to Molly Hudgins!"

Ron Bates
Cleveland, Ohio

"In our six years with the FCGA, Molly and Sarah were indispensable resources as Kevin progressed through middle school and high school and finally to the college level, where he'll join the University of Colorado golf team this fall. As part of the Tournament Players Program, FCGA met with us twice a year to create tournament schedules that would allow Kevin to get the best exposure and encounter his best competition. By the time he was a sophomore in high school, Molly was a valued advisor who helped us through resumes, E-mails, college visits and meetings with coaches. FCGA has established great relationships with coaches all over the country, which meant that before Kevin could communicate with coaches, they had things covered. Molly talked to coaches about Kevin, using her personal contacts to promote him and her other clients at countless golf tournaments. FCGA does incredible work that goes above and beyond expectations. I can say without a doubt that Molly and Sarah have been irreplaceable as a mentors and a friends. "

The Kring Family
Springfield, Missouri

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